A unique book is born

Ever since his first day as a homeopath, 35 years ago, Ewald Stöteler (1957) has worked in exactly the same way as Samuel Hahnemann (doctor and pharmacist) has developed and recorded his philosophy.

He studied Hahnemann’s publications thoroughly and translated different editions of the Organon and The Chronic Diseases in Dutch. It became clear that Hahnemann worked from brilliant ideas, experiences, potencies and accurate experiments and reported these processes thoroughly in the subsequent editions of the Organon and The Chronic Diseases.

As precisely as Hahnemann, Ewald Stöteler is able to discover the valuable and specific timeline in the development that Hahnemann went through, during the development of his classic homeopathy, finalized in the 6th edition of the Organon. Hahnemann referred to this last edition as ‘which has now, if possible, become perfect’.

Homeopathy worldwide, is based on the 4th edition of the Organon, introduced by Kent and also because of that, alienated from its roots. The 5th and especially the 6th edition have been completely ignored by the rest of the world. Ewald Stöteler fills the gap between the two extremes: the 4th and the 6th edition of Hahnemann’s Organon. That’s when it becomes clear that the principle of similarity is so much more than just choosing the right remedy.

A unique book is born


576 pages

The 6th edition of Hahnemann’s Organon

The 6th edition of Hahnemann’s Organon

Ewald has mastered the art to apply his common knowledge, which is so important in a daily homeopathic practise, to homeopathic principles. His insights in physiological processes, his knowledge in the functioning of the human body, organs, organ systems, tissues and last but not least the processes of human consciousness, are unique.

A homeopath and philosopher through and through! A unique combination for writing this book.

This book provides insight into

Petra Rosenberg

"Finally the missing piece in the puzzle…"

Petra Rosenberg / Homeopath
Birgit Mosenheuer

"I have been working as a homeopath for some time now, now I have a clear common thread! With much more results in practice. Everyone participates in the courses; doctors, dentists, colleague homeopaths, vets, gynaecologists etc. Homeopathy may not seem simple, but it is in this way as intended and written by Hahnemann. You just have to have someone who explains it and sees the connections."

Birgit Mosenheuer / Veterinarian and Homeopath
Britta Selsam

"It is so different from what we have learned and with much better results... I had many question marks. How am I going to do this? But I started and you apply it well so quickly. My practice is running much better. 

Britta Selsam / Veterinarian

This method is excellent! Such a rapid improvement of complaints. No relapse in the patient. It's getting easier! 

Claudia Breuer / Gynaecology & Homeopath

I always thought; what about those miasmas? How do I apply that? And I understand, prescribe so, with a much deeper and lasting effect.

Andreas Kalderon / Homeopath

All examples, all explanations are taken straight from life. It is true what it says, logically and practically applicable.

Susanne Ewald / Homeopath

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About the author

Ewald Stöteler came into contact with classic homeopathy at a very young age and was immediately “taken” by it. As mentioned before, he has been practicing homeopathy intensively for the last 40 years. That the above-mentioned renewed elements of homeopathy concerning the treatment of patients have been placed on the forefront is of credit to him. All information regarding this, can be found on our website. Ewald Stöteler started relatively early to pass on knowledge through teaching. With almost 20 years of experience as a teacher, he can rely on a huge amount of experience.

For over ten years, he has been the managing director of the Homeopathie Academie Nederland. This is his own developed schooling, based on the above-mentioned philosophy. His ability to explain the issues clearly, insures that the students experience his classes as very inspiring and offering clarity.

His ideal, to bring homeopathy to the world, is being realised in this way. Partly due to this ideal, he has held seminars in several countries and his articles have been published in and outside of the Netherlands.

Ewald’s almost 40 years of full time experience in a homeopathic practice, the endless studying of the Organon and the Chronic Diseases, the tutoring of many students to both our national and international colleagues and the bringing into the world of various initiatives, take us to a respectable state of being.

These talents, represented in one individual, make this book that you are holding, of immeasurable wealth. You will find treasures which will lift homeopathy and its healing capacity to a higher standard. Continuing on from the two standard works of Hahnemann, Ewald introduced in the Netherlands the use of the LM potencies, the miasmic theory, the from this resulting Contextual Materia Medica and Posology….